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Discovery Productions
Discovery Requests
Evidence Management and Analysis

Threshold Discovery supports the entire spectrum of litigation evidence support, whether your client is making evidence productions in response to discovery requests, or receiving large volumes of evidence in response to its own discovery requests.  We do this with cutting-edge, best-in-breed technology tools that leverage all of the advantages of artificial intelligence, information science, and project management best practices.

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  • Preservation and Organizational Litigation Holds

  • Forensic Collections that leave ESI metadata undisturbed

  • Defensible methods to identify responsive documents and media; document reviews

  • Production in accordance with governing ESI protocols

  • Privilege Logs

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  • Profile Analysis of inbound discovery production sets

  • Economical workflows for reviewing, categorizing, exploiting produced evidence

  • Workflows to support expert witnesses, depositions, and evidentiary hearings

  • Legal Project Management

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  • Technical support for Rule 26 Conferences and Meet & Confer

  • Negotiations and Record Evidence regarding Scope of Discovery disputes

  • Negotiations regarding document search and retrieval methodologies

  • Record Evidence in support of discovery motion practice

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  • Proportional Solutions

  • Early Case Assessment

  • Process Electronic Data

  • Document Review/Production

  • Creative Strategies for Small Firms

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  • Litigation Document Scanning

  • Trial Exhibit Binders

  • Digital Document File Conversion

  • Legal Copy Services

  • High Volume Document Copying and Productions

  • Oversize Color Printing

  • Trial Presentation Boards


Threshold Discovery permits small and medium sized law firms to have the best of both worlds: a scalable, state-of-the-art discovery practice without burdens of infrastructure support. Most of our services are recoverable as litigation costs.


Managed Services permits lawyers to do what they do best – litigating the merits of the case – without the need to maintain rapidly evolving technology solutions for evidence management.


Contact us to discuss a tailored solution that will allow any small or medium sized law firm to stand toe-to-toe with much larger adversaries.

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