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Strategic Partnerships

Threshold Discovery has a strategic partnership with the evidence technologists at Order of Proof, llc. Order of Proof is a service company comprised of lawyer technologists and discovery project managers. Order of Proof has the bench depth and litigation discovery experience to manage every component of the electronic discovery needs of your case, from the smallest single event commercial dispute to the largest multi-district complex litigation matter.

Accountant Records
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Discovery Productions

The landscape of information sources that can be touched by an adversary’s discovery request changes daily. Our team of lawyer technologists and project managers has experience with discovery productions that includes everything from large corporate databases to small portable computing devices, smart phones, cloud accounts, workplace collaboration platforms, enterprise document management platforms, social media, and more.

Threshold will take you through a defensible discovery response process from the points of initial preservation and litigation holds, information source and custodian identification, collections, analysis, production, and privilege logging. We employ the same cutting edge artificial intelligence platforms to perform these tasks in an economical and defensible way.

Evidence Management

The skillful transition between large volumes of relevant information and a laser-focused order of proof is one of the most difficult - and underestimated - challenges facing contemporary trial teams.

Our final work product is the development of the evidence most important to your case and shaping that evidence into a format that makes it useful and meaningful.

We design and execute seamless workflows that begin with your discovery plan and end with a documented order of proof for use at trials, motion practice, and depositions.  That is what trial lawyers need, and that is what we deliver.

Discovery Technology Concierge

We get it.  You’re not looking for another software learning curve to endure. You and the team just need that part to get handled, so everyone can get back to doing what they do best. So we handle it.

Threshold Discovery helps you navigate the selection of litigation technology appropriate to the needs of the case.  We do it in a way that reflects professional credit on you, both with your client, the Court, and the opposing party.

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